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There No Perfect Path 

After high school, students have various options to explore based on their interests, career goals, and educational preferences. Some common paths are: college or university, trade schools, apprenticeships, military service, workforce entry, entrepreneurship, internships, artistic pursuits, and more. 

It's essential for students to explore their interests, research different options, and consider their long-term goals when making decisions about what to do after high school. LEF is actively working to connect students to career counseling, mentorship, and informational interviews. These can be valuable resources to help students make informed choices about their future paths.

Lakewood Education Foundation Scholarship Application

Lakewood Education Foundation is proud to offer a selection of scholarships available only to students in the Lakewood Local Schools school district. With the help of local community support we sought to fill gaps tailored to our student's needs. The scholarship is one general application and is open to Lakewood Seniors every February.

Career Exploration 

Choosing a career is a significant decision that often involves a combination of self-reflection, exploration, and practical considerations. LEF wants to lay a foundation for students to proactively make future career decisions. By exploring interests, gaining exposure to various fields, and building a network, students can make more informed choices as they progress through high school and beyond.

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