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All Hands In
All Hands In

Who We Are...

Lakewood Education Foundation is a group of Lakewood parents, faculty, and community members who are passionate about helping our students achieve success - their personal definition of success. That may mean heading off to college or technical school, starting their career right away or choosing to be a full time parent. While each of us defines success differently, we believe that every person desires to provide for themselves and their family and that's what we're all about.

We partner with the school district to provide career and college resources for all students. We do that in a number of different ways: Our resource office at the high school, career exploration for students, and ongoing relationship building with local businesses.


We'd love for you to join us in our efforts. Whether you have 1 hour to give or 100, there's room for you. Just reach out to Alexia Rose, our board president at

We're partnering with the schools to expand their Career Exploration offerings. We support activities like the Reality Store at LMS where students learn about the correlation between education, careers and income.

We're continuing our work to develop Relationships with Local Businesses. We're working to create mentoring opportunities and to understand job skills businesses are looking for so that our students will be career ready.

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