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Choosing a career is a dynamic process, and it's common for individuals to explore different paths before finding the right fit. Be open to learning and adapting as you gain more insights into yourself and the world of work.

How can we help?

LEF is continuously expanding to tailor our offerings to best support our students. We realize that our students aren't just graduating. They're graduating to the rest of their lives. We'll continue to partner with the schools to offer resources and advice that will support them as they make choices that support their life goals, but we need your help. 

LEF is actively seeking organizational partnerships to provide Lakewood students with networking, internship, and apprentice opportunities. To be a part of this partnership or recommend organizations to reach out to, please email

Local Resources 

There are several valuable career exploration resources available online and offline to help individuals explore and plan their careers. Here are some widely used resources:

  1. Local Career Centers and Workforce Development Agencies:

  2. Online Job Boards:

    • Websites like LinkedIn and Indeed are professional networking platforms where users can explore different career paths, connect with professionals in their fields of interest, and access valuable industry insights. Always remember to check for local job listings as well with your local chamber of commerce and community organizations.

  3. CareerOneStop:​

    •  Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, CareerOneStop offers tools and resources for career exploration, training, and job searching. It includes an interest assessment and various career planning resources.

  4. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):​

    • Published by the U.S. Department of Labor, this handbook offers comprehensive information on hundreds of occupations, covering job duties, education and training requirements, and job outlook.

  5. My Next Move:​

    • This online resource allows users to explore careers based on interests and skills. It also provides information on tasks, skills required, salary expectations, and more.

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