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We are proud to offer a resource room where students and parents can explore career interests, search and apply for colleges, and scholarships, and connect with our volunteers for support. The room features 4 computers, a printer and scanner and a meeting area for college reps to visit with our students during school hours.


We also host events to support ACT prep, career exploration, college and technical school campus visits, college and scholarship applications, financial aid information and much, much more.


We're continuing to expand and tailor our offerings to best support our students. This year you'll see us continue the programming we have in place to support college preparedness. You'll also see an increased focus on career readiness.


We realize that our students aren't just graduating. They're graduating to the rest of their lives. We'll continue to partner with the schools to offer resources and advice that will support them as they make choices that support their life goals.


To learn more or get involved, contact Holly Graham at

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 Juniors, are you college ready?


Register on Naviance. It makes it easy to stay on track with your career and college preparation and allows us to stay connected with you. We'll use this system to register for all upcoming events. If you're not signed up, now's the time! 

DO NOT PAY to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Click the link to go directly to

A great resource for any career seeker is the Ohio Means Jobs website. It has tools to help you determine a career that's right for you, provides career paths so you'll know what education you need to achieve that career, shares lists of open jobs, has interview practice tools and so much more! 

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